Proto Precision Additive Stands Above the Rest

Proto Precision Additive can help qualify hardware that meets your requirement through in-situ monitoring, geometric comparisons, CT-scans and non-destructive testing – all in a shorter time frame thanks to extensive access to equipment and technology. Proto Precision Additive is also developing unique solutions to part qualifications based on in-situ monitoring.

Coming soon:  AS9100D and ISO-9001

Qualification Capabilities:

  • Rapid qualification based on novel in-situ monitoring and post-processing
  • Proprietary Multi-laser alignment methods
  • CT, X-ray, FPI and other NDE imaging partners
  • Metrology / Dimensional comparisons to drawing intent
  • Metallurgical Characterization
  • Porosity and defect detection
  • Tensile and fatigue testing
  • Powder quality inspection processes