Product Development and Reverse Engineering

Product Development & Reverse Engineering

From gas turbine development, to the visualization of complex healthcare solutions, to the development of long-lasting and lightweight automobile components, Proto Precision Additive possesses the in-house experience, expertise and technology to not only perfect your concept, but also test it through accurate simulations.

Product Development: Part Consolidation

Updating traditionally manufactured sub-assembles for additive manufacturing often enables significant part consolidation and part-count reductions.  Developing hardware from the outset for additive manufacturing reduces part-count, assembly costs and sub-assemble related failure modes.

Proto Precision is well suited to complete additive manufacturing based hardware simplification and has self-funded a Jet-Cat combustor replacement that eliminates 25 failure-prone combustion pieces into single additively manufactured part.

Reverse Engineering: Honda 2-Cycle Exhaust

The shape of 2-stroke exhaust expansion chambers are critical to engine power output and efficiency. Expansion chamber shapes are developed with significant trial and error and tuned racing bike expansion chambers are not mass produced.

A customers requested that we duplicate the expansion chamber on his racing bike in the event that it became damaged in a crash

Proto Precision Additive successfully:

    • Created a solid-model exact copy of the expansion chamber
    • Separated the model into several printable and weldable sections
    • Created unique alignment features to ensure hardware assembled in the proper orientation and order.
    • Printed each sub-part and welded the completed expansion chamber
    • Confirmed bike fit-up

Additional copies of this specialized part are now easily obtainable and rapid iterations and testing of further refined, motor-cycle and course specific tuning is easily achievable.

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