Your Additive Manufacturing Services Provider & Total Solution Leader

Proto Precision Additive combines world-class, additive-related research and advanced technical development to create an efficient product, analysis, simulation and engineering process. From beginning to end, we have the in-house expertise, experience and technology to turn your idea from “innovative concept” to “ground-breaking product.”

Product Development for Additive: How We Help Perfect the Concept

The Proto Precision Engineering team will extract all necessary information surrounding your concept, create a 3D model, test that model against real-world simulations, work within your guidelines to optimize your part for your metrics and prepare all files for a seamless production process.

Reverse Engineering: Recreate Obsolete or Impossible to Source Hardware

The Proto Precision Additive Engineering team can scan your hardware, create CAD models, repair any failed aspects of the scanned hardware, develop improvements and manufacture your hardware; no drawing needed. The tooling required to make old hardware is often missing or scrapped decades ago. The creation of new tooling is possible, but it requires significant time and money and therefore is only feasible for a large production run. Proto Precision Additive will recreate the hardware you need, to your specifications, and in the quantity and timeline needed by your operation.

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The Development & Testing Software We Use:

  • SolidWorks for 3D Cad development & visualization
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for reliable testing/simulations
  • Materialise Magics for file/data preparation & hardware finalization

Some of The Techniques We Employ:

  • Topology Optimization (TO) for efficient & effective Additive Manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering

Production & Prototyping: Bringing Your Idea to Life

Proto Precision has the necessary metal 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities, materials, methods and equipment types to efficiently produce an initial prototype or working end-product.

Technology, Equipment & Capabilities Readily Available to Our Team

  • Arcam Q10+ EBM
  • Concept Laser M2
  • Ohio State University resources (Gas Turbine Lab, Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence, etc.), access to OSU Professors deep range of domain knowledge & on-campus talent
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication, including CNC machining punching, laser cutting & forming
  • Traditional Manufacturing, including milling & welding
  • Post Processing, including heat treat, stress relief, HIP & conversion
  • Quality assessment, metallurgy & metrology
  • Packaging & shipping
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