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Proto Precision Additives talented team of engineers are ready to develop and manufacture custom solutions to your specific problems.

Metal bellows traditionally consist of several fabricated pieces and would otherwise require additive to additive geometries. Additively manufactured metal bellows enable single-piece construction for component that require intricate interior channels, no-leakage, and flexibility.

Innovative Ideas, Ambitions & Technologies

Proto Precision Additive is always eager to push through conventional boundaries and discover new and novel applications for metal additive manufacturing.  Developing hardware geometries to flex in single-piece construction is just one example of the many creative and surprising ways additive manufacturing can provide solutions to modern engineering problems.

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We Leverage Our Industry Tenure & Full Catalog of Equipment to Fit Your Needs

In the true spirit of additive manufacturing, Proto Precision uses its experience to develop and print tools and parts for use in its own facilities. This includes printing custom gauge weld filler when welding is required.