Aerospace / Propulsion

Aerospace Additive Manufacturing

Proto Precision Additive is AS9100:D and ISO9001:2015 certified and operates in an ITAR compliant facility. All team-members are US citizens

Rapid Iterations and Supply Chain Simplification

Additive Manufacturing can be used to replace existing gas-turbine hardware to enable rapid hardware iterations, simplify supply-chains, reduce lead-time and increase engine performance. Additive manufacturing also enables the construction of complicated internal cooling channels and film holes without the cost and timeline required for investment castings and conventional EDM hole drilling.

Product Development: Part Consolidation

Altering traditionally manufactured sub-assembles specifically for additive manufacturing often enables significant part consolidation and part-count reductions. Developing hardware from the outset for additive manufacturing reduces part-count, assembly costs and sub-assemble related failure modes.

Successful Combustion Component Product Develop & Production

Proto Precision Additive is well suited to complete additive enable hardware simplification and has self-funded a Jet-Cat combustor replacement that simplifies 40+ failure-prone combustion pieces into single additively manufactured part.

America Makes Project Call Award Winners

In April of 2018, Proto Precision was formally recognized by America Makes in the area of “Understanding Manufacturing Realities of AM” for our collaboration with The Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Design & Manufacturing Excellence (CDME). This project aims to better “understand the metallurgical defects in multiple laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) systems and apply non-destructive examination (NDE) methods in order to identify potential defects in service.” As single-laser systems have proven to be more costly, a multi-laser approach could be the economical solution moving forward.

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