The Industries We Serve With Our Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

From 3D modeling, to prototyping, to printing, Proto Precision Additive specializes in a number of industries – all surrounding our expertise in additive manufacturing services.

Aerospace & Propulsion

Additive manufacturing is the solution to call on when accuracy and precision matter most. Beyond cost savings, advances in 3D printing capabilities allow the experts at Proto Precision to create aerospace components with reduced part counts, higher durability and lower weights – all in a shorter time frame.  Proto Precision has the tools and experience to print topologically optimized parts which reduce mass and save fuel.

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Medical & Healthcare

Throughout history, advances in medical technologies grew only as fast as the newest needs started to surface. However, innovations and advances in medical 3D printing now allow healthcare professionals to stay ahead of the curve by bringing research and development to life in less time.

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The automotive industry was one of the first to feel the real-world and bottom-line benefits of additive manufacturing. And, as time rolls on, those advantages continue to increase exponentially. With just a few simple clicks, a new part, tool or vehicle component can be created, successfully filling the need for lighter, more durable and long-lasting solutions.

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Consumer & Industrial

Proto Precision Additive has the in-house expertise and technological capabilities to handle just about every project or request that comes our way. However, we also have full access to metal printing equipment on Ohio State University’s campus, along with some of the top-tier talent that exists in their laboratories. From innovative product development, to expert-level welding and meticulous craftsmanship, Proto Precision has everything you need to bring your next idea to life.

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Have additional questions regarding our additive manufacturing and metal 3D printing capabilities? Does your organization exist outside of the listed industries and markets? 

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